Brain Waves Blog: Reimagining Recruitment Engagement

Reimagining Recruitment Engagement: Give Early Milestones New Meaning

In the world of enrollment marketing, there tends to be one dominant query; how do we get X number of students to enroll at Y campus by Z date? Clearly articulated enrollment goals are essential as individuals transition from vaguely interested to “enrolled.” However, many campuses are so highly focused on yield strategies and fanfare in the final stretch of decision-making that they often overlook the more subtle opportunities around earlier milestones in the enrollment funnel. 

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Brain Waves Blog: Making the Switch from Software to Sonarians

Making the Switch from Software to Sonarians

At Campus Sonar, we take perhaps too much pride in telling the world that we’re NOT a software company. It is within social media management software, however, where most of our clients accomplish their listening prior to living the #SonarianLife. For some, incorporating Campus Sonar into an existing tech stack feels redundant. For others, transitioning away from these products to Campus Sonar can feel daunting. So we sat down with three campus pros who made the switch from listening with social media management software to Campus Sonar. We asked them about their tech stack prior to Campus Sonar, making the move from software to Sonarians, and what life has looked like since the move.

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Brain Waves Blog: How Clients Use Campus Sonar Strategic Partnerships: Tracking Strategic Priorities

How Clients Use Partnerships: Tracking Strategic Priorities

For marketing and communications professionals, each semester can bring anywhere from several hundred to a hundred thousand plus public online mentions about their respective campus. And yet, most marketers only report on the social and news content they produce. That’s not the case for Angela Polec, La Salle University’s Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications. 

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