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Sign up for Campus Sonar and we'll not only listen to all of those sources, but provide the insight and analysis to help you find what really matters and plan a path forward. Using your audience's conversations to drive your strategy also drives outcome—according to the Edelman Trust Barometer study, the most trusted spokesperson is a "person like yourself."

Campus Sonar can help you find the people like you to guide your campuses conversation, strategy, and reputation management. Get started with Campus Sonar today.

A Missed Influencer Opportunity: When Students Bring their Social Media Followers to Campus

This spring, Gus Johnson graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. In addition to his degree in digital cinema production, he's embarking on his career with almost 450,000 YouTube


Case Study: Monitoring Conversations around a Social Media Crisis

There’s a new kind of crisis in town—the social media crisis. You know the one, the email interaction that gets posted to reddit, the tweet-gone-awry from an official account, or the local news


Keep It Clean! How to Clean and Validate Social Listening Data

You wrote your query and segmented out athletics, but is the data you’re receiving accurate and relevant to your school and categorized correctly? Even the most carefully written queries and rules


Social Listening in Higher Ed: Specialized Analysts Needed

No social listening software provider focuses on the education industry. This is what stuck with me after I read the latest Now Tech social media platforms report from Forrester. No wonder


Audience Analysis: The Methodology Behind Online Eavesdropping

We’ve all overheard conversations in hallways and cafeterias. Some of us, perhaps more than others, are well acquainted with the thrill of overhearing conversations that aren’t quite meant for our


Black Holes and Myths in Alumni Fundraising

There’s a black hole lurking in higher education fundraising and its gravity is growing stronger.

Fed by three pervasive myths, the black hole is swallowing potential gifts at a time when


The Importance of Measuring Social Media Content Buckets and Types

We’re in the age of digital disruption—a time when social media newsfeeds are more competitive than the 2018 NBA Finals. A time when we should analyze our approach to content as rigorously as we


Social Listening Drives Strategic Engagement

Higher education institutions of the future are prepared to identify and share their value with a variety of audiences—from students to donors to federal and state agencies and more. They know and


Liz Gross's Top Picks for the 2018 eduWeb Digital Summit

The 2017 eduWeb Digital Summit was pretty epic (looking back on my tweets is making me nostalgic), but I’m salivating over the 2018 schedule. I have a pretty serious case of FOMO (fear of missing


Case Study: Analyzing Prospective Student Online Conversations with Social Data

When you’re recruiting prospective students, you want to know what they’re saying about your university. One way you can learn what students are saying is through traditional research methods,


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