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Haven't signed on with Campus Sonar yet? Think of all the online conversations you're not picking up!

For college campuses, it's likely that less than a third of your online mentions are on Twitter alone. That leaves blogs, discussion forums, online comments, reviews, video captions, and more that you're missing out on.

Sign up for Campus Sonar and we'll not only listen to all of those sources, but provide the insight and analysis to help you find what really matters and plan a path forward. Using your audience's conversations to drive your strategy also drives outcome—according to the Edelman Trust Barometer study, the most trusted spokesperson is a "person like yourself."

Campus Sonar can help you find the people like you to guide your campuses conversation, strategy, and reputation management. Get started with Campus Sonar today.

#CampusSonarLive Week Day 5

Our week of live fun wraps up today with Nicholas Love from NC State, Andrew Cassel from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, a handbook spotlight on identifying engagement opportunities, and a


#CampusSonarLive Week Day 4

What does Campus Sonar have planned today? Liz visits Beloit College to talk to Tim Jones about his experience partnering with Campus Sonar, the handbook spotlight features brand and reputation


#CampusSonarLive Week Day 3

Live week continues with an audience research spotlight, learning about customer service in the library from Susie Kirk, and speaking with Ashley Rains about how Spring Hill College defined their


#CampusSonarLive Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! Today you'll meet Campus Sonar friend and partner Josie Ahlquist, listen in as strategist Ashley Tanner interviews analysts Emily and Amber, and learn more about crisis


#CampusSonarLive Week Day 1

A great week of events kicks off today! If you missed anything, you can follow along here for a Campus Sonar unboxing, team meet-and-greet, and snippets from The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook


Using Online Reviews to Deliver Higher Education Insights

Sometimes when people hear social listening, they think that online analysis is limited to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. Luckily—for both analysts like myself and for


Introducing Ashley Tanner: Campus Sonar Strategist

One thing we pride ourselves on at Campus Sonar is our personalization and customization. Our clients receive personalized services and insights that are unique to them. We know the strategic


How Campus Sonar Actually Works

I need to clarify something, just in case there's any confusion. While Campus Sonar employees are indeed a bunch of nerds, (job requirement, for reals) we're not programmers, or software


Digital Brand Reputation and Social Listening: Beloit College

In higher education, reputation is paramount. College and university reputations have long been built on rankings and rhetoric. Campuses, programs, and faculty are ranked in high-profile


How to Use Social Listening in a Crisis

Thanks to social media, the news cycle is now. To effectively monitor and manage a crisis, organizations must be plugged into the online conversation. Strong, strategic social listening in a


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