Higher Ed Social Media Professional Development: Blogs, Newsletters, and Conferences

If part one left you wanting more, I’m back for part two of the best higher ed resources to keep you informed and connected. One of the things I love about this industry is the contributions from the community. We learn together, and it's never too early for you to contribute your expertise. To that end, I’ve also included suggestions for ways to share your work and knowledge with others. 

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Brain Waves Blog: Higher Ed Social Media Professional Dev: Communities and Podcasts

Higher Ed Social Media Professional Dev: Communities and Podcasts

As part of ongoing professional development, it's important to keep up to date and learn from the successes and failures of colleagues in higher education and other industries. I've gathered lists of communities, podcasts, blogs, and conferences I regularly recommend to social media professionals, ranging from free and on-demand, to annual fee-based events. And there are so many fantastic resources, I’ve broken them into two posts so I don’t overwhelm you. First, I’m covering communities and podcasts, then stay tuned for part two: blogs, newsletters, and conferences.

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Blog image for Play Your Best Higher Ed Marketing Conference Year

Plan Your Best Higher Ed Marketing Conference Year

I have a habit of using lists to help me reflect and intentionally plan for the year ahead. What were my highs/lows? What do I want more/less of? Everything from books I’d like to read and skills I’d like to learn or sharpen, there’s a good bet I’ve got a list going to help keep my lizard brain focused on what’s important. And conferences are no exception. With so many conferences to choose from, loaded schedules, and limited budgets, I know how fun yet daunting conference planning can be. Here’s a roundup of some Sonarian favorites to help plan your next season of conference bliss!

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5 Free Social Listening Tools for Higher Ed

Social listening is a modern research method that can be implemented at varying levels of sophistication—starting with something simple and free to catch engagement opportunities, all the way to strong, strategic social listening that supports key institutional goals. If you want instant gratification or you simply don’t have the budget to support any paid social listening tools or services, here’s a go-to list of free social listening tools and tactics, and how they can be used in higher education.

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Brain Waves Blog: What We're Hearing about The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook

What We’re Hearing about The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook

This winter I wrote a book. I wanted to document everything I’ve learned about social listening for the higher education industry—why it’s important, how to do it, and the strategic impact it can have on campus. To make sure it reaches as much of the industry as possible, Campus Sonar is giving it away for free. So far, 100 people downloaded it. I reached out to those folks recently to get some feedback about the handbook and, in the spirit of transparency; I’m sharing that feedback publicly.

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