#CampusSonarLive Week Day 3

Live week continues with an audience research spotlight, learning about customer service in the library from Susie Kirk, and speaking with Ashley Rains about how Spring Hill College defined their true brand.

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#CampusSonarLive Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! Today you'll meet Campus Sonar friend and partner Josie Ahlquist, listen in as strategist Ashley Tanner interviews analysts Emily and Amber, and learn more about crisis management.

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#CampusSonarLive Week Day 1

A great week of events kicks off today! If you missed anything, you can follow along here for a Campus Sonar unboxing, team meet-and-greet, and snippets from The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook.

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Digital Brand Reputation and Social Listening: Beloit College

In higher education, reputation is paramount. College and university reputations have long been built on rankings and rhetoric. Campuses, programs, and faculty are ranked in high-profile publications—everything from U.S. News and World Report to RateMyProfessors. Journalists regularly report about the cost of tuition, the quality of dining food, and the value of the liberal arts. While administrators are concerned with rankings and coverage of campus by the local and national news media, the general public is basing their opinion on new data sources.

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