Brain Waves Blog: Social Listening Trends for Higher Ed

Social Listening Trends for Higher Ed

With social listening you collect the conversation as it happens, offering opportunities to understand what’s happening now so you can make changes for the future. But the real power comes with the ongoing analysis and context that allows you to better understand your baseline conversation and create personal benchmarks, track seasonal changes, evaluate the effects of crises, and measure the impact of new campaigns. 

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Brain Waves Blog: Elements of a Strategic Charcuterie Board

Elements of a Strategic Charcuterie Board

As many of our readers already know (or can easily guess from the Social Strategy Fundamentals episode I recently hosted), I’m a huge fan of strategy. That’s why I’m excited to work with natural strategists like ours at Campus Sonar every day. Our team of strategists not only develops deep client relationships, but also intuitively looks at each client’s goals from all angles to find the best way to reach them.

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Brain Waves Blog: Reimagining Recruitment Engagement

Reimagining Recruitment Engagement: Give Early Milestones New Meaning

In the world of enrollment marketing, there tends to be one dominant query; how do we get X number of students to enroll at Y campus by Z date? Clearly articulated enrollment goals are essential as individuals transition from vaguely interested to “enrolled.” However, many campuses are so highly focused on yield strategies and fanfare in the final stretch of decision-making that they often overlook the more subtle opportunities around earlier milestones in the enrollment funnel. 

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