Brain Waves Blog: Should My Campus Be on TikTok?

Should My Campus Be on TikTok?

Every time a new social platform surfaces, we hear the question “should my campus be on this platform?” While TikTok has been around for a few years, it’s still incredibly popular with your prospective and admitted students. According to Statista, almost half of TikTok’s users are under age 29 and 25% of them are ages 10–19. 

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Social Listening Trends for Higher Ed

With social listening you collect the conversation as it happens, offering opportunities to understand what’s happening now so you can make changes for the future. But the real power comes with the ongoing analysis and context that allows you to better understand your baseline conversation and create personal benchmarks, track seasonal changes, evaluate the effects of crises, and measure the impact of new campaigns. 

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Brain Waves Blog: Social Media Demographics for Higher Ed - 2021

Social Media Demographics for Higher Ed—2021

In Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy: A Guide for College Campuses, Liz Gross wrote, “The general public is not your target audience. If you aim your content and efforts at everyone, they’re perfect for no one.” Defining and targeting your audience is your first step in developing and creating content, determining your brand and messaging—pretty much everything you do.

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The Difference Between Social Media Monitoring and Social Listening

Monitoring and listening—same thing, right? For most marketers, it can be hard to understand the difference between these two activities. You’ve probably even used the words interchangeably. We’re here to tell you that there are critical differences between them; differences that prove monitoring alone is not enough. Once you start listening, you’ll realize the moments and opportunities you were missing when you thought you were listening. 

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Reach vs. Volume vs. Impressions: Measuring Campaign Success

At Campus Sonar, our humans set us apart. Our experience researching and analyzing the nuances of online conversation means we understand how to measure the effectiveness of your content. We know how to analyze who sees your content and understand how that’s impacted by each platform. When you develop social media strategy and create corresponding campaigns, this is ultimately what you need to measure to show success, right? The effectiveness of your campaign. If it worked.

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