Navigate Graduate Enrollment Challenges, Enrollment Insights

Navigate Graduate Enrollment Challenges

With the demographic shift and many other changes happening on higher ed campuses, leveraging graduate enrollment as a campus growth opportunity is top of mind for many. Before you begin development, it’s critical to think through how to build competitive graduate programs and understand how to effectively recruit and retain graduate students. 

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Leadership Strategies for Rebuilding Trust on Campus: Part 2, Strategy Insights

Leadership Strategies for Rebuilding Trust on Campus: Part 2

In Campus Sonar’s latest industry trends report on “Rebuilding Trust in Higher Ed,” we explored the gap between trust and value to understand what audiences discuss about a college degree using social intelligence. We focused on how audiences explain the purpose of higher ed, the value of a degree based on current outcomes, and how those outcomes could evolve if trust and values aligned. 

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Presidents and Boards Need Social Intelligence: Strategy Insights

Presidents and Boards Need Social Intelligence

You’ve been giving your president and board the wrong information from social media, and you need to fix it as soon as possible. I’ve spent the last few weeks listening carefully to trustees, current and former presidents, and the people who advise them. These were positive conversations, but they revealed a huge gap. One former president put it plainly.

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