Listen to Lead the Way: Audience Insights to Guide Your FAFSA Response

Listen to Lead the Way: Audience Insights Guide Your FAFSA Response

It’s no secret by now that the redesign and relaunch of the FAFSA form at the federal level has caused stress and confusion for higher ed leaders and college-going families alike. Staff and administrators are navigating frequent updates and shifting processes and timelines; and further uncertainty about aid and finances has added to the worries prospective students already feel about affording a degree. (Our national industry listening continues to reveal scholarships and financial aid as top topics discussed online in terms of the college decision-making process.)

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Brain Waves Blog: 5 Ways to Yield Black Students

5 Ways to Yield Black Students

When developing a strategy to enroll Black students your first step is to yield. Historically, the Black student experience is riddled with disparities and broken trust, but you can activate change by reflecting and acknowledging your institution’s history with Black students and having the hard conversations. Next, prepare yourself to participate in a public conversation about advancing future Black lives in this country. Finally, secure the resources to build a community where Black students are truly comfortable, welcomed, and embraced. 

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Brain Waves Blog: It's a Demographic Shift, Not a Cliff

It's a Demographic Shift, Not a Cliff

Disclaimer: The title of this article isn’t a slight to Liz’s SXSW presentation proposal. As a matter of fact, our stances are similar and I wholeheartedly believe every single current and future higher ed pro across the entire country needs that presentation.

At best, the “demographic cliff” is an oversimplified, incomplete, and misleading phrase for the very real and inevitable demographic shift happening in the United States. The world is not ending; this isn’t going to deplete the value of higher education; and even if there are less “traditional college students,” there will still be humans who need and want postsecondary education. Those folx are just going to look different; come from different backgrounds; have different needs and experiences; and be different people than they have been historically. Despite those whose fear is attempting to stop or slow it down, the make-up of this country is changing and that’s not a bad thing.

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Brain Waves Blog: Use Social Listening to Inform a Student Journey Map

Use Social Listening to Inform a Student Journey Map

A journey map is one of the most helpful tools you can build to inform your marketing and communications strategy. In a business context, a journey map outlines the process a customer goes through—from their initial encounter with a brand, to purchase, and ultimately to loyalty and advocacy. It captures a customer’s goal at each stage, and informs the messaging and content a company develops by providing this customer-centric insight.

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Brain Waves Blog: Reimagining Recruitment Engagement

Reimagining Recruitment Engagement: Give Early Milestones New Meaning

In the world of enrollment marketing, there tends to be one dominant query; how do we get X number of students to enroll at Y campus by Z date? Clearly articulated enrollment goals are essential as individuals transition from vaguely interested to “enrolled.” However, many campuses are so highly focused on yield strategies and fanfare in the final stretch of decision-making that they often overlook the more subtle opportunities around earlier milestones in the enrollment funnel. 

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