A Traveler’s Guide to Social Listening Analysis: License Plate Game

The final stop on our journey through social listening analysis is targeted marketing. Part 1 explored how the client’s data took analyst Traci off the main path and into manual analysis. Part 2 illustrated how she segmented the conversation to get at all of the client’s brand attributes. This final post reveals insights she discovers that will help the client meet their enrollment goals.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Social Listening Analysis: Behind the Wheel

In Part 1, Campus Sonar analyst Traci detailed the Social Listening Snapshot she prepared for a campus partner. But finding guest insights via Trip Advisor hotel reviews was just the first step. Our analysts provide a thorough review of your social listening data—you’ll have the whole story so you can develop actionable insights that will impact your campus immediately. See what Traci discovered next.

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A Traveler's Guide to Social Listening Analysis: Off the Beaten Path

What’s involved in social listening analysis? Campus Sonar analysts work diligently with our clients to collect social listening data and report on reviews, segment conversations, and assess target markets. Analyst Traci Sesko takes you on a journey through her analysis for a Campus Sonar client, including the road blocks and strategic insights she discovers as she prepares their Brand Diagnostic.

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Audience Analysis: The Methodology Behind Online Eavesdropping

We’ve all overheard conversations in hallways and cafeterias. Some of us, perhaps more than others, are well acquainted with the thrill of overhearing conversations that aren’t quite meant for our ears—even if they are public. We can learn exciting and occasionally meaningful tidbits about people’s lives we would otherwise never know.

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