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To Campus Sonar and our clients, data is life. Campus Sonar analysts eat, sleep, and breathe data because it’s the cornerstone of the work we do—the actionable insights our strategist suggests are grounded in tidbits of information that analysts ferret out of the most obscure areas of the interwebz. 

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What Students Say Online About College Finals

Finals. A word that tends to bring dread and stress to most college students. This period is usually filled with hard deadlines, lots of intensity, and is the primary obstacle standing in the way of a well-earned break for students and professors alike. 

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Forums as Focus Groups: From Online Conversation Analysis to Offline Impact

Social listening is changing the way economists talk about sexism and gender bias in the profession, illustrating how insights from online conversations can have massive offline impacts. Similarly, understanding conversations from audiences that your institution serves (e.g., professionals working in the field you’re preparing students for, alumni, or prospective students) can transform your marketing, program development, recruitment, or fundraising strategy.

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