Crisis Management: Key Metrics and a Case Study

The definition of crisis is “a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.” To effectively monitor and manage a crisis and understand the decisions they need to make, organizations must be plugged into the online conversation. Strong, strategic social listening in a crisis ensures you know a crisis on campus is brewing before you get a call from your president, allows you to monitor the issue in real-time to inform your PR response, ensures campus safety, and mitigates brand impact.

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The Real Cost (and Value) of Crisis Social Listening in Higher Education

The report that Michigan State University paid an agency over half a million dollars to monitor social media in January during the Larry Nassar trial provoked a lot of conversation within higher education and the general public. Topics include whether universities should be engaging in social listening, if it constituted “spying” on the victims that were testifying at Nassar’s trial, and if the expenses were appropriate. I’ll dive into each of these topics in this article. It’s worth mentioning up front that even the headline was misleading. Spoiler alert: Michigan State University (MSU) did not pay $500,000 for a month of social media monitoring.

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