Using Online Conversation Benchmarks: The Authors behind the Conversation

“Our campus is small; there’s no way there’s enough conversation about us to justify investing time or money in it.”

“We don’t do much on social media, so there’s no use in thinking about social listening.”

These are common statements I hear at conferences, and it’s so hard for me to not immediately jump on my soapbox and start preaching. I know in my gut that most campuses can gain valuable strategic insights from understanding their online conversation, and that conversation is happening with or without an investment in social media from the campus.

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Using Online Conversation Benchmarks: Conversation Volume

An institution’s online conversation volume is an indication of how many people are talking about it. Once you know the conversation volume for your institution, you can segment it to see who is talking about you, what they’re talking about, and where they’re talking. All of this helps you better understand the conversation about your institutional brand and create a strategy that resonates with your audiences.

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