Brain Waves Blog: Create Audience-Centric Cohesion to Differentiate Your Brand

Create Audience-Centric Cohesion to Differentiate Your Brand

Your campus is working to tell a cohesive, compelling brand story, but if you’re not working with a collaborative shared strategy, your message is being drowned out by conversation from accounts managed within departments, colleges and units, research centers, and other disparate areas of campus telling a different story in a different way in hopes of meeting very different goals. Let’s count the ways your brand is fragmented.

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Reimagining Recruitment Engagement

Giving Early Milestones New Meaning

In the world of enrollment marketing, there tends to be one dominant query; how do we get X number of students to enroll at Y campus by Z date? Clearly articulated enrollment goals are essential as individuals transition from vaguely interested to “enrolled.” However, many campuses are so highly focused on yield strategies and fanfare in the final stretch of decision-making that they often overlook the more subtle opportunities around earlier milestones in the enrollment funnel. 

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Yield Season

February is a month of valentines, galentines, and if you’re in admissions, yieldentines! Yield is the stretch of time between students receiving their admissions decisions and choosing where they will deposit and, ultimately, enroll. While decision day on May 1 once signaled the end of yield, at many institutions this is no longer the case. Some students will deposit at multiple schools, and summer melt with ongoing offers is a new reality for many admissions teams.

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Plan Your Best Higher Ed Marketing Conference Year

I have a habit of using lists to help me reflect and intentionally plan for the year ahead. What were my highs/lows? What do I want more/less of? Everything from books I’d like to read and skills I’d like to learn or sharpen, there’s a good bet I’ve got a list going to help keep my lizard brain focused on what’s important. And conferences are no exception. With so many conferences to choose from, loaded schedules, and limited budgets, I know how fun yet daunting conference planning can be. Here’s a roundup of some Sonarian favorites to help plan your next season of conference bliss!

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