What's Normal? Benchmarking Higher Ed News Sources

We’re sharing a sneak peek into the types of insights members of our new STREAM service get by digging into some aspects from the first report, Social Listening Benchmarks for Higher Education: January 2021. If you caught our last blog post, we explored social media as a conversation source and how you can analyze your campus’s online conversation against a comparable sample. Now we’re looking into news as a content source and how sites labeled or promoted as news sources can inform your content strategy. The posts should give you an idea of the depth of analysis and insight you can get as a STREAM member.

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What's Normal? Benchmarking Higher Ed Social Media

We’re kicking off 2021 with a new way to approach data and analysis in higher education. STREAM is our new membership service that unites social listening research, digestible insights, and a private community of like-minded peers. Members are empowered to make informed, timely decisions based on social listening data and research addressing core areas of higher education like:

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Competitive Intelligence: Find Your Greatness

The average number of institutions a student applies to has been steadily increasing, and your prospective students evaluate your campus against many others. To help your institution stand out, one of the best uses of time and resources is building competitive intelligence—the process of gathering and analyzing information about peer institutions to inform your own positioning. 

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Brain Waves Blog: Using Social Listening to Inform a Student Journey Map

Using Social Listening to Inform a Student Journey Map

A journey map is one of the most helpful tools you can build to inform your marketing and communications strategy. In a business context, a journey map outlines the process a customer goes through—from their initial encounter with a brand, to purchase, and ultimately to loyalty and advocacy. It captures a customer’s goal at each stage, and informs the messaging and content a company develops by providing this customer-centric insight.

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Blog post image for Higher Ed Resource Round-Up

Higher Ed Resource Round-Up

As a young professional attending networking events in the tech and B2B world, I was dismayed to find a closed and competitive atmosphere: acquire as much information as possible, while surrendering the least. This culture reflected a model that required ideas to be proprietary in order to be monetized. In fact, I’d lost count of the number of non-disclosures I had to sign—in some cases simply to interview for a position. 

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