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Test Your Social Listening Knowledge!

I freaking love quizzes. It’s a guilty pleasure. Ask anyone. Every Friday, I send a quiz (sometimes serious, usually silly) to the Campus Sonar team. We can all tell you our MBTI types, which Golden Girl we are, and even what mythical holiday monster we are.

Blog post image for Test Your Social Listening Knowledge!I love quizzes so much, I was asked to create a mostly-serious quiz for you all about social listening. I hope you enjoy testing your social listening knowledge! And if you happen to take a fun and frivolous quiz, send it to me (@lindselita) on Twitter.


  1. What is social media?
    1. Websites that allow people to connect with one another.
    2. Places people can go to get help from organizations and brands.
    3. Cat videos, mostly.
    4. All of the above.
    5. A and B.
  2. Who uses social media?
    1. Youth.
    2. Complainers.
    3. Pretty much everyone and their mother.

  3. What is the difference between social media monitoring and social listening?
    1. Monitoring is checking Facebook and Twitter for your official accounts and certain hashtags, listening uses a complex search to find relevant mentions across the Internet.
    2. Listening is checking Facebook and Twitter for your official accounts and certain hashtags, monitoring uses a complex search to find relevant mentions across the Internet.
    3. What?! They're actually the same thing.

  4. What kinds of sites can social listening tools pull content from?
    1. Facebook and Snapchat.
    2. Your school’s intranet.
    3. The dark web.
    4. Any publicly-available site, including Twitter, news, forums, and blogs.

  5. What can social listening be used for?
    1. Conducting audience research.
    2. Analyzing conversation trends over time.
    3. Evaluating perception of your brand online.
    4. Identifying opportunities to engage with students.
    5. All of the above.

  6. Who is the coolest #Sonarian?
    1. Liz is pretty cool, I saw her at a conference and/or follow her on Twitter.
    2. Lindsey is obviously the only choice here, and not just because she wrote this quiz.
    3. Trick question. #Sonarians are a bunch of nerds, geeks, and dorks.


1. e—There are a lot of cat videos, for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s the majority of social media.

2. c—According to Pew Research Center, more than two-thirds of Americans used at least one social media site in 2018.

3. a—Monitoring is a manual process of checking specific sites for specific things. Listening allows you to create a complex search query and find anything on any publicly-available site that’s relevant to you. For more information about the differences, check out our blog.

4. d—Social listening can pull in from most sites, but only content that is publicly available.

5. e—All of the above, and more! Check out our services page for details on all the different ways we use social listening here at Campus Sonar.

6. c—We’re a bunch of nerds, geeks, and dorks. We took a quiz a while back and everything.

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Lindsey Hinkel

Lindsey Hinkel is a marketing professional, data nerd, and Netflix binge-watcher. She has several years of experience using social listening in the higher education industry. You can find her on Twitter—but be warned; most of her tweets are about her dogs, her daughter, or her (very strong) feelings about The Bachelor franchise.

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