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Introducing Amber Sandall: Campus Sonar Research Manager

Since Campus Sonar’s launch, I’ve worked as an analyst and learned so much about performing social listening, social listening research methods, the needs of the higher education industry, and social media trends. As of April 2018, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to step into the Research Manager role at Campus Sonar and support the successful creation, maintenance, and evolution of our social listening research program and operations.

Campus Sonar blog image for Amber Sandall: Campus Sonar Research ManagerMy Background

I’m excited to contribute my professional background to the Campus Sonar team as Research Manager. I have previous experience conducting market research through social listening, interviews, surveys, and secondary sources, and the results of this research have informed strategic marketing, communications, and business decisions. Outside of work, I keep busy learning about business administration topics as I earn my MBA. I’ve been extremely eager to take what I learn in the classroom and apply it at Campus Sonar.

Why a Research Manager?

Our Director, Liz, knows that Campus Sonar’s social listening research program is the foundation on which we successfully serve our higher education partners. The data we collect and insights we uncover help higher education institutions drive strategies to reach institutional goals—from better reaching target audiences to assessing online brand to understanding the impact of online messaging and more. My role helps our team connect the dots between how we perform and deliver social listening insights and how these insights inform institutional goals for our campus partners.

What Do I Do?

Connecting the dots isn’t always easy, but I’m delighted by the challenge. In fact, I’ve outlined four outcomes that are part of my vision for success.

  1. Empower analysts to best support client satisfaction and goals with clean and relevant data sets.
  2. Serve as a social listening expert and anticipate analysts’ operational needs.
  3. Understand trends in social media use, social listening, and higher education to inform strategy.
  4. Set our social listening research program up for success, now—and in the future.

Day to day, this means everything from training our expert human analysts to creating templates to meeting with social listening vendors and more. I’m also responsible for keeping an eye on trends and changes in social media use, social listening research, and the higher ed industry—and translating and sharing what those trends and changes mean for Campus Sonar and our campus partners.

How My Work Impacts Our Campus Partners

My role may seem a bit removed from our clients’ experience with Campus Sonar and their close relationship with our strategist, Ashley, and their dedicated analyst. However, every step of the way I’m behind the scenes, supporting our analysts in selecting the social listening research method that best meets the needs of our clients, and consulting with Ashley to sift through the data and pinpoint insights that are actionable for each campus. The result? Not only do our analysts perform social listening research customized to each institution, but the data and insights we deliver can be counted on to be highly accurate and relevant to your needs.

Diagram of Campus Sonar Teamwork - Flow of analyst to strategist to campusI’d love to connect with you if you’re reading this and want to nerd out about all things social listening—although I can’t promise that my love of tacos, strategic marketing, and inter-species friendships won’t also come up. Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn and we can chat!

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Amber Sandall

Amber Sandall is Campus Sonar's Research Manager. She brings expertise in marketing, communications, and data analysis and reporting to her role of managing Campus Sonar’s social listening research program and team of Social Media Data Analysts. Amber and her team perform social listening research customized to each institution and collaborate with the Client Success team to unearth actionable insights that inform our campus partner’s institutional goals. When she's not thinking about research projects or learning about business administration in her MBA program, Amber enjoys a good taco and a new book.

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